Islander is a visual media production company, based in Belfast.

Focused on creating beautfiful visual media that tells the story in an effective and memorable way, Islander has created a methodology that helps stretch any budget to cinematic standards.

We specialise in capturing a different perspective. By utilising our experience in adventure sports and hazardous situations, as well as our ability to create imagery from both the sea and the sky, we can create something unlike anything before it. By creating something unique, we create something new.

Water Cinematography

Working in coastal areas

Feature two

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings and more.

Films from the sea.

Islander specialises in water cinematography, with an ability to film in rough seas and dangerous costal aeras such as big wave breaks like Mullaghmore in Country Sligo. We can also provide water safety in the form of a Jet Ski with an inflatable sled and a qualified operator.

Fully certified to create beautiful work



for capturing a different perspective in the sea.



for capturing an aerial view from the sky.

It’s dedication to innovation through experience.

Pushing the boundaries of design and style.

Social and environmental consciousness everyday.

Everything we create is designed with you in mind.